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Summer leagues are formed in April for T-Ball, Pee Wee and Little League.
All children living in the school district are invited to play.


T-Ball and Pee Wee – – – – Call Leanne Goucher at 875-0977

Little League – – – – Call Jim Shepherd at 875-1525

Harvard Park

Approximately eight miles east of Potlatch along Highway 6 in the community of Harvard. Playground, picnic area and a baseball field. Restrooms open only during organized activities.


The Potlatch City Pool is only open during the warm summer months, usually June through August. Individual and family passes can be purchased at City Hall. 875-0708 Watch for the opening in the News and Events section.

Laird Park

Laird Park lies east of Harvard about three miles south of Idaho Scenic Highway 6 and is open during the summer months.. Camping, swimming, fishing, and hiking. Restrooms open.

Emerald Creek

Emerald Creek is a campground and garnet digging site managed by the U S Forest Service. It is located southwest of highway three between Fernwood and Clarkia. It is the only place in the Western Hemisphere were star garnets can be found. Permits are required and are available at the digging site.

White Pine Drive

White Pine Drive lies between Harvard and St Maries on Idaho Highway 6. Gigantic White Pine boarder both sides of the road making a wonderful scenic route. Giant White Pine Park lies on this route and is a favorite area for hikers and bikers.

Moose Creek

Moose Creek lies east of Deary to the north of Highway 8. Fishing allowed.